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Hi! My name is Julian Wyzykowski. I am a Full-Stack and Mobile Engineer with 7+ years of professional experience, currently living and working in Portland, Maine.

In the last few years I've worked with Objective-C, Node.js, React/Redux and more.

I love building stuff 🏗️, learning new things 📚 and drinking coffee ☕.

Personal Info

Julian Wyzykowski

Work Experiences

JULY '20 - Now

Full-Stack Engineer, Defendify

NOV '16 - MAR '20

Full-Stack Engineer, Likeable Local

In a nutshell:

Build out React single page application with a Node.js (ES2019) REST API backend.

Tech Used:

Node.js, React, React-Router, Redux, ES6, Babel, JSX, Sass, Objective-C, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Python, Webpack, Microservices.

JAN '15 - NOV '16

Mobile Application Developer, Likeable Local

In a nutshell:

Design and create an iOS app from the ground-up and also work on supporting the existing Node.js platform.

Tech Used:

Objective-C, Node.js, Express.js, EJS, Python, MySQL, HTML, CSS, MongoDB, React, Webpack.

OCT '14 - JAN '15

Software Development Intern, Likeable Local

In a nutshell:

Worked on existing platform and built out the MVP version of the iOS app using Xamarin.

Tech Used:

C#, .NET, Objective-C, Python, Node.js.

JULY '14 - AUG '14

Summer Intern, Unum

In a nutshell:

Worked in the Technology Transformation group on projects that ranged from .NET programs to iOS apps.

Tech Used:

C#, .NET, Xamarin, Objective-C, MongoDB.



In a nutshell:

Created 8 shipped iOS applications with over 25k downloads.

Tech Used:

Objective-C, C#, Node.js, React/Redux, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

Patterns and Techniques

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Agile/Scrum
  • App Security Best-Practices

Technology and Languages

  • Objective-C, Swift and the iOS and macOS ecosystems.
  • Node.js, React, Redux and modern Single Page Apps.
  • Microservices, AWS Lambda and scalable systems.
  • C#, F#, .NET and Xamarin.

Some things I've worked on

Project Salvo, Web

Project Salvo

Likeable Local, Web

Likeable Local

Likeable Hub, iOS

Likeable Hub Mobile App

rePLAY - One place for all your Xbox Recordings

rePLAY iOS app

Likeable Hub, Web

Likeable Hub Web App

W8 - The day's headlines, while you wait.

W8 iOS App

G.E.A.R. - Can you escape the cave?

G.E.A.R. game for iOS

Get in Touch

Questions? Comments? Compliments? Feel free to reach out to me!

Thanks for visiting my little piece of the internet. Hope you've enjoyed your stay! 👍

Have an awesome day! 😎

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